Did you know that only 8-10% of the population utilizes chiropractic care?  That is a crazy low number especially considering how effective chiropractic care is.  We (chiropractors) need to a much better job educating the public about how chiropractic works and why they should choose it over a bottle of Tylenol.


We will start with the most obvious reason that people seek care in our office; pain relief.  Chiropractors have been getting people out of pain for well over a 100 years.  The idea of bone setting actually dates back millennia.  One large study of chiropractic care reported that patient satisfaction was 95%.  That’s a crazy high number for any profession but, especially for a healthcare profession.

We have over 100 years of great results, the great reviews, and opinions of our patients.  In in the past 10 or 15 years, we also have a growing body of research that is backing up what we have known for decades.  You can read some of the research about low back pain and chiropractic here and here.

So chiropractic care is extremely effective.  It is also extremely safe.  The biggest risk from chiropractic care is increased soreness, which if it occurs at all is very temporary.  I tried to find a video for a prescription NSAID but couldn’t find it, so here is a video about an antidepressant.

The point of me posting that video wasn’t to demonize anti-depressants but to highlight the fact that all medications have risks.  Sometimes very serious risks.


Another reason to seek out chiropractic care is because chiropractic care is the foundation for wellness.  Watch this video to see what I mean.

I hope that you can see that chiropractic care should be your treatment of choice for painful conditions and for having better overall wellness.  If you would like to start chiropractic care call our office at 507-345-1926.  When you do be sure to ask about our special Christmas Gift of Health Card.  Mention that and you can get your first visit for free.  (We only do this once a year and usually by referral only but I will open it up to readers of this article too.)