When I first graduated chiropractic college, I never dreamed that a large part of my practice would focus on treating children.  But then again I never dreamed I would have five children of my own either, including triplets.


As it turns out, we do see a lot of kids in our clinic.  And we love it, and the kids love it.  You may be asking why on earth would my kids need to see a chiropractor?  That’s an excellent question, and I have some answers.

  1. Parents bring their kids in to see us due to symptoms.  Some of the things parents bring their kids in for include:  headaches, neck pain, back pain, leg pain (think “growing pains”).  So basically all of the things that adults come to see us for.  Other symptom-based things that parents bring their kids in for aren’t quite so obvious.  These reasons include colic, reflux (think infants), torticollis, constipation, ear infections, and bed wetting.  You may be wondering what do these things have to do with the spine?  The answer is that when a chiropractor adjusts the spine the adjustment influences the nervous system.  And if you can influence the nervous system you can influence a lot of different things.
  2. Parents bring their kids in after a difficult pregnancy and or labor and delivery.  If a baby has been in an unusual position such as breach or transverse for part of the pregnancy that can put extra stress on the baby’s spine.  A normal vaginal birth is stressful enough to mom and baby, but add in things like extra long labor times, tearing of the mother, or an overly “helpful” OB/GYN and you can be born with all sorts of problems.


You see a lot of times chiropractic care for kids is about wellness and prevention.  It stands to reason that if a child’s spine is well adjusted that child won’t develop as many spinal problems later in life.  It also goes without saying that if the spine is well adjusted the nervous system is functioning optimally.  And if the nervous system is working properly your child should be healthier overall.  My five children have all been adjusted since birth.  By the grace of God and with good chiropractic care I can count on one hand the number of ear infections they have had.  The triplets were five weeks premature but didn’t have the horrible reflux, asthma, and ear infections that be common for preemies.

So what’s stopping you from getting your kids adjusted?


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